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Name:X-Men Remix
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X-Men Remix is a challenge that is taking place on AO3. The LJ mirror to this community can be found here

Sign-up Form | Rules | FAQ

X-Men Remix 2013
X-Men Remix 2013 is a challenge running during spring 2013.

The goal: to take someone else's X-Men fic (or fanart) and rewrite (or, in the case of fanart, redraw/recreate) it just about any way you want to.

The schedule:
Remix signup opens: March 31
Remix Madness opt-in posts open: March 31
Signups close: April 13, 11:59 PDT
Assignments go out: April 14*
Stories are due: May 26, 11:59 PDT
Remix Madness collection allows posting: May 27
Stories go live (Remix and Remix Madness): June 2, Noon PDT*
Authors revealed (Remix and Remix Madness): June 9

*While we will try to get things done on the stated dates and times, if there are issues with matching, assignments could be a day or two late; similarly, the archive collection could open late if the pinch hits don't make it in on time.

What you need to participate
In order to sign up for X-Men Remix 2013, you must have at least:

Three (3) stories of at least 500 words OR
Five (5) stories of at least 100 words OR
Three (3) art pieces

in at least one X-Men canon, and be willing to have them remixed. You must also be willing to remix someone else's story. (If you do not have enough qualifying stories to sign up, or cannot sign up for other reasons, please feel free to opt into X-Men Remix Madness on Dreamwidth or Livejournal instead! The Remix Madness collection is located here.)

The X-Men canon subdivisions that will be used for this Remix are:
X-Men: First Class (2011)
X-Men (Movies)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
X-Men (Comicverse)
X-Men Evolution
X-Men: The Animated Series

You must fulfill the eligibility requirements for at least one of these divisions to qualify to be remixed for X-Men Remix 2013.

A qualifying story is a story that:
Is an X-Men story
Is complete
Is at least 100 words long
Is not a crossover with a non X-Men fandom
Is not a remix
Is not co-written
Is not listed as a safe story
Is publicly available (ie, not locked on DW/LJ; since an AO3 account is required to participate in XMFC Remix, stories may be locked on AO3)

A qualifying fanart piece is an art piece that:
Is an X-Men art piece
Is complete
Is not a crossover with a non X-Men fandom
Was not created as fanart for any particular fic*
Is not co-created
Is not listed as a safe art piece
Is publicly available (ie, not locked on DW/LJ; since an AO3 account is required to participate in XMFC Remix, art may be locked on AO3)

*If someone else has written a non-challenge related story based on said art, this art is still eligible to be remixed, provided it was not originally drawn for any specific story.

To sign up, you will need to have an AO3 account. Contact the mods at if you need an invite code, or if you have any other questions/comments/concerns.
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